Maritime transport is one of the types of international transport used, which allows the marketing of various products between continents. 90% of the goods are transported by sea. Its increment occurs in the 1960s, with the use of containers, which exist in standardized sizes, allowing the transport of cargo in an efficient and safe way, facilitating the transport and storage of the cargo inside the ships.

It allows to move larger and larger loads with lower associated costs compared to air or land transport for intercontinental travel.

  • Maritime clusters (LCL) for import and export;
  • Complete 20 'and 40' (FCL) containers for import and export;
  • Project loads, special, OW, bulk and also dangerous (Dangerous goods, under acceptance);
  • Issuance of mandatory documents for international transportation;
  • Transport in transit (T1), with own guarantee for LCL and FCL import loads;
  • International transport triangulations and the integration of complementary multimodal;

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