Customs Regimes:

  • Free Practice Introduction
    • It consists of the introduction of non-U E goods destined for the Union market or destined for private use or consumption in the customs territory of the European area.
  • Special schemes
    • Internal Transit
    • External Transit
    • Passive Improvement
    • Active Improvement
    • Storage
      • Customs Warehouse
      • Free Zones
    • Specific Use
      • Temporary Importation
      • Special Destination
  • Import
    • Definitive Importation
    • Outward processing
    • Customs Warehousing Regimes
    • Special consumption taxes (IECs)
    • Returns
    • Introduction in Free Practice to other Member States
    • Customs clearance of perishable goods
  • Export
    • Definitive Export
    • Temporary export
    • Outward processing
    • Active enhancement
    • Issuance of Origin Documents


  • Aiming at intra-Community trade statistics, it consists of the clearance of the movement of goods between Portugal and the Member States of the European Union. The Official Dispatcher provides collection, data processing and information delivery services to the National Statistical Institute.

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